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About Varying the Dependency of Pasted Features
You can create dependent copies of features or a set of features and vary their dependency on the original feature or feature set with respect to specific attributes, such as annotations, references, and parameters. After copying the feature or feature set into the same model or across models, you can make these specific feature attributes, elements, and parameters independent of the original feature or source while the copied feature remains dependent.
Select Fully dependent with options to vary on the Paste Special dialog box to set this varying degree of dependency between the copied features and the original feature or source model on attributes such as dimensions, annotations, parameters, and references. After individually editing the dimensions, parameters, references, and annotations, you can store their changed values in the corresponding varied items tables, access the Varied Items dialog box, and use the changed values to make these attributes independent. While editing the references of the dependent copy, you can change the references. If you select annotation features, annotation elements such as geometric tolerances, notes, symbols, and surface finish are added to the varied items table in addition to references, parameters, and dimensions. The changes that you make through the Varied Items dialog box are not associatively propagated to the source.
When you copy features from the regeneration footer section of the Model Tree with Fully dependent with options to vary, the copied features are placed immediately after the parent feature in the footer section. Features such as zones, publish geometry, annotation and datum reference features, and component interfaces are regenerated at the end of the feature list and are placed in the footer of the Model Tree. The Fully dependent with options to vary option is not available when you select a combination of footer and Model Tree features.
* You cannot pattern fully-dependent copies of features. You cannot create fully-dependent instances of transformed groups and sets of features, assembly features, flexible components, manufacturing features, and anatomic features.
Deleting a feature in the source model makes the corresponding copied feature in the target model independent. Suppressing the original feature or the source model does not break the dependency of the copies. The copies remain dependent and they update according to the status of the local references because the original feature or source references are not available. They remain dependent even after resuming them because of the local references.
A copy of an already copied instance can be dependent or independent, irrespective of whether the source copy is dependent or independent.