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About Intent Object Names
When you create and name an intent object, you add an explanatory note to a model. You can use an intent object name to help you do the following:
Annotate your design intent
Search for intent objects with the Search tool
Define saved queries
Automatically place user-defined features (UDFs)
When you name an intent object, make the name of the object correspond to its purpose—your design intent—and instance. For example, you might name an intent datum plane for use as a sketch plane for a mounting boss SKETCH_PLANE:MOUNTING_BOSS. Instances can also be letters and numbers, such as SKETCH_PLANE:1 or SKETCH_PLANE:2C.
Each intent object in a model must have a unique intent name, although intent objects may share an intent or an instance. For example, several datum planes can be used as sketch planes for different features of the model.
If you do not select the Intent Name check box in the Datum Reference dialog box, the intent object does not receive a descriptive name or a default name. On the Properties tab of the Datum Reference dialog box, you can change the feature name that appears in the Model Tree, but you cannot use this name to search for intent objects or to automatically place UDFs.