Part Modeling > UDFs and Groups > Creating a UDF > To Use Database Commands on UDFs
To Use Database Commands on UDFs
1. Click Tools > UDF Library > Dbms. The DBMS menu appears.
2. Click one of the following commands to perform standard database management operations on UDFs:
Save—Save the UDF to disk.
Save As—Save a copy of the UDF under a new name.
Backup—Save the UDF to a specific directory on disk.
Rename—Change the name of a UDF object.
Erase—Erase the UDF from memory.
EraseNotDisp—Erase all the objects that are not being displayed in the current session.
Purge—Purge all previous copies from the disk.
Inst Dbms—Generate an instance index file for UDF instances regenerated and stored in the current directory.
Delete All—Delete the UDF from memory and disk.
* When you use DBMS commands, consider their effects on UDFs. When UDF-driven groups are present in your part, renaming and deleting removes needed references.