Part Modeling > Modifying the Part > Working with Simplified Representations > To Update an Accelerated Simplified Representation
To Update an Accelerated Simplified Representation
1. Click View Manager on the Graphics toolbar, or click View > Manage Views > View Manager. The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. In the Simp Rep tab Names column, double-click to select the representation, or select the representation and click Options > Set Active.
3. Right-click and select Update Reps. The UPDATE REP menu appears.
4. Click one of the following commands.
Update—Updates and saves outdated accelerated simplified representations to disk. The system updates all the outdated representations that are in the accelerator file, even if they are not in session.
Info—Displays the INFORMATION WINDOW, listing all outdated representations, including the name of the master representation, the name of the simplified representation, and whether it is in memory.
Cancel—Cancels the update.
5. If you click Update, the CONFIRMATION menu appears. Click Confirm to update the simplified representations, or Cancel.
* You can also update any out-of-date representations that are in session when you save the part.