Part Modeling > UDFs and Groups > Placing a UDF > To Replace a UDF Group
To Replace a UDF Group
1. Create a UDF.
2. Select the created group in the Model Tree, right-click, and choose Replace from the shortcut menu. The Replace dialog box opens.
* If the group to be replaced is placed with embedded datums, a warning message appears. To proceed with group replacement you must un-embed all the embedded datums.
3. Select one of the following options:
Family Table—Replace the existing UDF with a family table instance. This option can be used only when family table instances are defined for the selected UDF.
Manually retrieve UDF (default)—Browse for a UDF of your choice.
4. Click OK to retrieve a replacement UDF.
5. Select a UDF group file and click Open. If replacement is possible, the User Defined Feature Placement dialog box opens to the Options tab.
* When replacing a UDF group, the system looks for the same reference list in the replacement group. If references differ, replacement is not possible. Replacement of UDF groups is ideal when a family table member group is replaced with a group that contain a different instance of the same family table.
6. Specify UDF placement options and click . The original group is replaced with the selected group.