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To Replace Section Entities
Instead of resketching a section entity, you can replace it with another one by using the Replace command. This allows the new entity to keep the ID of the original one and to preserve any data (for example, geometric tolerances) that may be associated with the original entity.
1. Enter Sketcher with a section that you want to modify.
2. To replace an entity, you must sketch a new entity. You cannot use an old one.
When an entity is split by intersecting, one portion of the entity is old, while the other is new—and can be used to replace another entity of the section.
3. Right-click the entity and choose Replace from the shortcut menu.
4. Select the new entity that you want to use.
5. Select the old entity that you want to replace. The system deletes the old entity and any dimensions associated with it. You cannot restore the deleted entity or its dimensions.
* You can intersect or fillet all entities except circles without losing the children.