Part Modeling > Modifying the Part > Flexible Parts > To Prepare Varied Items
To Prepare Varied Items
1. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
2. Under Tools, click change in the Flexible line. The Flexibility: Prepare Varied Items dialog box opens. Use the Flexibility: Prepare Varied Items dialog box to define varied items for flexibility. It contains the following tabs:
Dimensions—Defines flexibility for a part by selecting one or more dimensions. This is the default.
Geom.Tols—Defines geometric tolerances (permissible deviations from a specified value of a structural dimension). Tolerances ensure that a flexible component will not be flexed to the breaking point.
Parameters—Opens the Select Parameter dialog box. Select an existing flexibility parameter and click Insert Selected to insert into the Flexibility: Prepare Varied Items dialog box parameter list.
Surf Finish—Selects the surface finish of a flexible part. The surface finish flexes along with the part and needs a flexible definition to remain intact.
Features—Suppresses or resumes a feature in a part to make it flexible.
3. Select the applicable tab. You are prompted to select items.
4. Select an item and click to add to the Varied Item list.
5. Finish defining all Varied Items for the part and click OK.
To remove a varied item from the list click . Click Cancel to exit the dialog box without defining varied items.