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To Modify Dimension Cosmetics
If the application in which you are working requires that you use the Menu Manager, follow the procedure below, otherwise follow the procedure To Edit Dimension Properties, Text, or Text Style.
1. On the Part menu, click Modify > DimCosmetics.
2. Click one of the following commands:
Format—Toggles the dimension format between fraction and decimal.
Num Digits—Changes the number of decimal places displayed in the dimension
Text—Adds text or special symbols to the dimension.
Symbol—Changes the symbolic name of the dimension.
Move Dim—Moves the dimension itself, and the associated leader lines, to a new location.
Move Text—Moves the text associated with the dimension to a new location.
Flip Arrows—Toggles the display of the arrowheads between inside and outside the extension lines.
Assign Tol—Assigns a tolerance table reference to the dimension.