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To Erase a Simplified Representation
You can erase a simplified representation of the current object from memory with or without the current object.
Use one of the following procedures to erase a simplified representation.
To Erase using the View Manager
1. Click View Manager on the Graphics toolbar, or click View > Manage Views > View Manager. The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. In the Simp Rep tab Names column, double-click to select the representation, or select the representation and click Options > Set Active.
3. Right-click and click Remove. A Confirm Delete message appears.
4. Click Confirm.
To Erase Using the Menu Manager
1. Click File > Manage Session > Erase Current. The OBJ ERASE menu appears.
2. Click one of the following commands:
Current Obj—Erases the current object and its simplified representation.
Simplfd Reps—Erases the simplified representation by placing the check mark in front of its name in the SELECT REP menu.
3. Click Done Sel.