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To Define Variable Parameters in a UDF
From the UDF dialog box, you define what parameters you want to make variable. When you place the UDF, you are then given the opportunity to change the values for parameters you defined as variable.
1. Create a UDF.
2. In the UDF dialog box, select the Var Parameters element and click Define.  The Select dialog box opens.
* If you are modifying the UDF and previously selected features or Annotation Elements to make variable, then those features and Annotation Elements are automatically selected in the Model Tree.
3. Select the features or Annotation Elements for which you want to define variable parameters and click OK. The Select Parameter dialog box opens. A feature or Annotation element you selected appears in the Look In selection box. All parameters for the item are listed in the Parameters Table.
You can only select features that contain parameters.
An element in an Annotation Feature may contain parameters, when the Annotation Feature does not. If this is the case, you must select the element, instead of the feature. In the example below the Annotation 2 feature has no parameters. You must instead select AE_NOTE1 which does contain parameters.
You cannot include Annotation Features in a UDF.
4. Click the Variable check box for all listed parameters that you want to make variable.
5. In the Look In box, select another feature or Annotation Element and repeat step 4 until you complete your selections.
* Change the entity type in the first Look In box to expand or reduce the number of items from which you can select. For example you may want to change the type to Part, Assembly, or Feature.
6. Click Close in the Select Parameter dialog box.
7. Click Define or OK in the UDF dialog box.