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To Define Variable Elements in a UDF
When you create a UDF, you can specify feature elements (for example, attributes or a section of a particular feature) that you want to redefine when you place the UDF.
* As an alternative to defining variable elements, you can skip references during the placement of the UDF, and the system will ask you to redefine the features that have missing references.
1. Create a UDF.
2. Select the Var Elements element in the UDF dialog box and click Define. The Select dialog box opens.
3. Select a feature that belongs to the UDF for which you want to specify variable elements. The VAR ELEMENT OPT menu appears.
4. Click ALL or None and Done. The Select dialog box opens.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for as many features as required, then click OK in the Select dialog box.
6. In the UDF dialog box, click Define.