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To Create an Accelerated Simplified Representation
You can create accelerated simplified representations by setting special attributes. An accelerated simplified representation is saved to a file to make retrieval quicker.
Instead of regenerating the master representation to get a simplified representation, you can retrieve the (accelerated) simplified representation by itself.
1. Click View Manager on the Graphics toolbar, or click View > Manage Views > View Manager. The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. In the Simp Rep tab Names column, double-click to select the representation, or select the representation and click Options > Set Active.
3. Right-click and select Redefine. The EDIT METHOD menu appears.
4. Click Attributes > Accelerate > Whole Model. An accelerated representation is created.
Note the following when creating accelerator files:
Whole Model includes the entire model (with geometry, dimensions, parameters, and so on) in the simplified representation. The resulting representation is fully associative and modifiable. This option requires the presence of the master model in memory.
An accelerator file is named part_name.xrp.
There can be only one accelerator file per part.
Accelerator files do not have version numbers.
If you use the Save As or Backup option on the master model, the corresponding accelerator files are not created.
If you rename or delete the master model, the system automatically renames or deletes the corresponding accelerator file.