Part Modeling > Engineering Features > Cosmetic Sketch > To Create a Regular Section Cosmetic Feature
To Create a Regular Section Cosmetic Feature
1. Click Model > Engineering > Cosmetic Sketch. The Cosmetic Sketch dialog box opens.
* You could also select a sketch first, or select a datum plane or planar surface first, and then click Model > Engineering > Cosmetic Sketch.
2. To define the sketch plane, click the Plane collector and select a plane or planar surface.
3. If required, to reverse the sketch plane direction to the opposite side of the planar reference, click Flip.
4. To define the view orientation, click the Reference collector and select a reference such as a surface, plane or edge.
5. To define the direction the orientation reference represents, select a direction from the Orientation menu.
6. To display cross-hatching for closed geometry in a sketch, perform the following actions:
a. Click the Properties tab, and select the Add cross-hatching check box.
b. To set the crosshatch scale, type a value in the Scale box.
c. To set the crosshatch angle, type a value in the Angle box.
7. Click Sketch The Sketch tab opens.
8. Sketch a section, and click OK.