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To Create a Geometric Snapshot
A geometric snapshot representation does not include any parametric information, such as dimensions or parameters—just visible geometry that can be used for referencing. The system can detect when a snapshot is out-of-date, but you must explicitly initiate the update. This command is available only if you selected Accelerate.
1. Click View Manager on the Graphics toolbar, or click View > Manage Views > View Manager. The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. In the Simp Rep tab Names column, double-click to select the representation, or select the representation and click Options > Set Active.
3. Right-click and select Redefine. The EDIT METHOD menu appears.
4. Click Attributes > Accelerate > GeomSnpshot.
5. Click Done. A geometry snapshot representation is created.
The following restrictions apply to geometric snapshots in Part mode:
You cannot make any modifications to geometric snapshots, such as changing dimensions or parameters.
Because no dimension or parameter information is available, you cannot make any references to them in relations.