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To Create a General Blend
1. Set the enable_obsoleted_features configuration option to yes to make the General Blend command available on the All Commands list.
2. Add the General Blend command to the desired user-defined group on the ribbon.
* For information about customizing the ribbon, see the Related Links.
3. Click the arrow next to General Blend, and click a type of blend. The BLEND OPTS menu appears.
4. Click Select Sec to select three-dimensional entities to use as sections of the blend, or click Sketch Sec to sketch the sections, and click Done.
The feature creation dialog box opens for the blend type you selected.
* The elements in the dialog box vary depending on the blend type.
5. Define the attributes:
a. Select Attributes and click Define. The ATTRIBUTES menu opens.
b. Select one of the following options:
Straight to connect the sections with straight lines and connect the edges of the sections with ruled surfaces.
Smooth to connect the sections with smooth lines and connect the edges of the sections with spline surfaces.
c. Click Done. The SETUP SK PLN menu opens.
6. Define the sketching plane:
a. On the SETUP SK PLN menu, click Use Prev to use the sketching plane of the last feature that was created with a sketch, or click Setup New and select or create a sketching plane.
b. If required, click Flip to change the direction of feature creation.
c. Click Okay. The SKET VIEW menu opens.
d. Select or create a horizontal or vertical reference for sketching. The Sketcher opens.
7. Sketch or select the first section.
A sketched section must contain a coordinate system. Click Sketch > Coordinate System in the Sketching group and add the coordinate system, and click OK.
8. Add the second section. For sketched sections, type the x-, y-, and z-axis rotation angle (120° maximum) when you see each prompt to determine the orientation of the next sketch. Sketch the section, and add a coordinate system.
9. After the second sketch is defined, either add more sections by typing the rotation angles when you see the prompt, or reply "no" to the prompt whether to continue to next section.
10. After all the sections of the blend are finished, type an offset depth value for all sections except for the first. This dimension is the straight-line distance between coordinate system origins.
11. If you are creating a smooth blend and selected the Tangency element in the dialog box, create the blend with surfaces tangent to adjacent geometry.
12. When you have sketched or selected all sections, select OK in the dialog box to create the feature.