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To Copy a Group and Vary Dependency
1. Create a copy of a group using the Paste Special command.
2. Right-click one of the features in the copied group, and click Copied feature. A shortcut menu appears with the following commands:
Varied items—Opens the Varied Items dialog box to edit dependency of copied feature elements.
Break dependence—Makes the copied feature independent of the original.
Remove dependence—Completely removes the dependence on the original.
3. Click Varied items. The Varied Items dialog box opens. Use this dialog box to designate what in the copy you want to vary from the original.
4. Add items to vary. For example, to vary dimensions, click the Dimensions tab, and click . Dimensions are highlighted on the model.
5. Select a dimension you want to vary. Continue selecting until all the dimensions you want to vary are added. 
6. Click the References, 3D Notes, and Parameters tabs to vary items as desired.
7. Click OK on the Varied Items dialog box to vary the dependency of the attributes whose values you changed. Although the copied group is still dependent on the original group, the items you specify in this list may now vary from the original.