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To Activate Pro/PROGRAM in a UDF
Pro/Program is available only for subordinate UDFs.
In your Pro/Program design, include only features needed to define the UDF. You can add any standard Pro/Program control statements.
1. Create a UDF.
2. Click Pro/Program in the UDF dialog box and click Define. The PROGRAM menu appears.
3. Click one of the following commands:
Show Design—Show the current design in the Information Window.
Edit Design—Modify the design with the system editor. The GET INPUT menu allows you to choose the source of values for the Pro/Program inputs for the model. Choose Current Vals to use the current values, Enter to enter new values from the keyboard, or Read File to read in new values from a file. The system then adds the Pro/Program design for the UDF features to the model. If a Pro/Program already exists in the model, the system integrates the changes.
4. Click Done/Return.
When you add an instance of a subordinate UDF on a model, the system copies any Pro/Program control statements that affect the UDF features into the model, and executes the program. INPUT statements (see the Fundamentals manual) are also copied. You copy relations in the same way as regular UDFs.
* The control statements are copied only once at placement time. They are not recopied on regeneration, even if the group is UDF-driven.