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Feature Redefinition during UDF Placement
To redefine features during UDF placement, they must be selected in the Options > Redefine these features table.
The features are selected for redefinition either because of variable elements in the UDF definition, or because you select them for redefinition.
Redefinition of the selected features can be triggered by clicking Edit Definition or by using the Preview buttons to go to a feature.
While redefining a UDF feature, the Placement tab remains displayed, but unavailable.
After redefining a feature, the feature check box in Redefine these features becomes unchecked.
After feature redefinition the UDF definition might become invalid. If so, all Placement operations become disabled except for Redefine these features and Undo All on the Options tab.
You can select Undo All to remove all the redefinition created during UDF placement.
You can click at any stage and keep the UDF features that have been successfully generated.