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Creating Custom Cosmetic Threads
A custom cosmetic thread is a thread that is saved as a group. You can create custom threads for normal and nonnormal (profile) surfaces. To create a custom cosmetic thread, create a User-Defined feature (UDF) and store it in a custom directory. The default custom cosmetic threads directory <loadpoint>/intudfs/threads contains predefined external and internal custom cosmetic threads.
To enable the creation of cosmetic threads as UDFs, set the configuration file option allow_udf_style_cosm_threads to yes.
To avoid the loss of data, back up the custom cosmetic thread directory before updating an installation.
Parameters assigned to the cosmetic thread are saved with the UDF.
To include thread parameters in an assembly drawing, you must add the part that contains the thread to the drawing. In a drawing, select the cosmetic thread feature in the Model Tree, and click Annotate > Show Model Annotations.