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About the Underconstrained Mode
In some Cosmetic Sketch features that contain a large number of entities, usually as a result of importing data, the feature can only succeed if the sketch is underconstrained. In these cases it is necessary to use the Underconstrained mode. The exact number that constitutes a large number of entities varies depending on the entity types, but it is approximately 80.
During data import to Sketcher, the data is analyzed. If the number of entities being imported is large, the Data from File dialog box opens. Click Allow Non-Constrained Sketch to import the data using the Underconstrained mode.
To enter the Underconstrained mode when the Sketch tab is open, click Setup and select the Under-Constrained Mode check box.
In the Underconstrained mode, only dimensions and constraints that you define exist. There are no weak dimensions in the Underconstrained mode.