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About the Regeneration Manager
You can use the Regeneration Manager to view the regeneration status of items, set regeneration preferences, and skip features during regeneration. It contains the following elements:
Preferences—Sets Failure Handling to Resolve Mode or No Resolve Mode. When Create Backup Models is selected and you click Regenerate, first a backup model is created, and then the model is regenerated. The backup model is discarded when the regeneration is completed successfully.
Search—Searches the Regeneration List and highlights the results.
Tree Filters—Displays the Checked items, the Unchecked items, or both in the Regeneration List.
Options—Sets some standard options for a Model Tree. Save Tree saves the Regeneration List as a text file.
Regeneration List—Shows the items in the Model Tree that need regeneration. Each node in the tree has a check box. When the check box is selected, the item is included in a regeneration operation. When the check box is cleared, the item is skipped during a regeneration operation.
Status—Shows the regeneration status for each feature.
Description—Explains the reason for the regeneration of the feature.
Save Preferences—Saves changes to the preferences and closes the dialog box.
Regenerate—Regenerates the model, excluding items in the Regeneration List whose check boxes are cleared. Saves the changes to the preferences and closes the dialog box.
Cancel—Quits the dialog box without regenerating or saving the changes.
You can use the shortcut menu to view the feature information or the references of an item.