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About Blended Section Domes with a Single Profile
You create a blended section dome with one profile and two or more sections. Material is added or removed, as necessary, from the edges of the specified surface to create the dome.
Whether material is added or removed depends on the sections being sketched. A section that dips below the surface removes material. A section that is above (to the positive side of) the surface adds material.
The profile and the sections of a single-profile blended dome are not necessarily related. This feature allows you to dimension to the profile by selecting the horizontal and vertical centerlines displayed while sketching a section.
The centerlines are put there for your convenience, but you do not have to dimension to them.
If you do not dimension to the profile, you can modify the profile without affecting the resulting dome. If you dimension to the profile, modifying the profile automatically moves the sections and modifies the dome.