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Working with Draft Offsets
Use the Offset with Draft option to create an area offset with drafted side surfaces. The Offset with Draft option is available for solid surfaces and quilts.
You can apply a bevel angle to the side surfaces of the draft offset. The system uses the specified angle to draft all side surfaces relative to their default position, defined by either Surface or Sketch. The range for the draft angle is from 0° to 60°.
Several closed loops can be selected for the Offset with Draft option, as shown in the next figure:
When creating an Offset with Draft offset, consider these recommendations:
When an Offset with Draft offset spans several surfaces, the surfaces should be tangent. Otherwise, the top surface of the draft will be split by an edge.
When you draft a section that has rounds, consider the height of the offset in relation to the draft angle. If the angle is too small, the drafted surfaces may overlap at corners and cause the feature to fail.