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To Redefine an Incremental Geometry Feature
1. Right-click the Incremental Geometry feature in the Model Tree and choose Edit Definition. The Incremental Geometry tab opens.
2. Clear the Attach check box. Two check boxes become available and are selected:
* If you clear the Attach check box and finish redefining the feature, then if you redefine the Incremental Geometry feature again, the Attach check box is unavailable. You cannot attach the geometry again.
Copy Modified Geometry—Copies the geometry that changes in response to a change you made on a different geometric entity in Creo Direct.
Usually the modified geometry is a surface adjacent to a surface that you worked on in Creo Direct. For example, if you move up the top surface of a cube, all the side surfaces adjacent to the top surface lengthen. The side surfaces are the modified geometry.
Merge Modified and Added Geometry—Merges the modified geometry and the added geometry. The added geometry is the geometry that you worked on in Creo Direct.
The geometry is now unattached. Geometry that is the result of work done in Creo Direct remains in the feature.
3. If required, to remove the merging of the modified and added geometry, clear the Merge Modified and Added Geometry check box.
4. Click .