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To Create a Projected Sketch
1. With a model open, click Model > Project. The Project tab opens.
* You can also start the Project tool by selecting a sketch and clicking Model > Project.
2. Click the References tab.
3. Select Project a sketch from the list.
4. Click the Sketch collector and either select a sketch in the graphics window or click Define and use the Sketch dialog box that opens to create a sketch to project.
* If you are using an internal sketch and want to modify it, click Edit on the References tab and use the Sketch dialog box or right-click and choose Edit Internal Sketch on the shortcut menu.
5. Click the Surfaces collector and click a surface in the graphics window on which to project the sketch.
6. The sketch plane is selected as the direction reference by default. To change the direction reference, click the Direction Reference collector and select a plane, an axis, an axis of a coordinate system, or a straight entity to use as the projection direction reference.
7. Click . The sketched curve is projected onto the selected surface.