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To Create a Fan Curve Offset
To create a fan curve offset, you must first set the configuration option enable_offset_fan_curve to yes. It is set to no by default.
1. Select a curve and click Model > Offset. The curve is highlighted, and the Offset tab opens. The selected curve appears in the Offset curve collector on the References tab.
* If you are using a chain set as a reference and you want to modify it, click Details on the References tab and use the Chain dialog box.
2. Select to create a fan curve offset.
3. Click the Reference quilt collector and select a quilt or surface to act as a reference for the offset curve.
4. Click the Second reference curve collector and select a second curve as a reference.
* To create another curve, pause the Offset Curve tool by clicking . Create another curve and click to resume the Offset Curve tool.
5. Click the Measurement plane collector and select a measurement plane.
6. Type the number of curves you want to create in the box.
7. Click to complete the offset curve.