Part Modeling > Edit Features > Offset > Offset Surface > To Create Standard Offset Surfaces
To Create Standard Offset Surfaces
1. Select a surface, and click Model > Offset. The Offset tab opens.
2. Select standard offset.
3. Type an offset value in the offset value box. An offset surface is shown in preview geometry parallel to the referenced surface.
4. Adjust the offset distance and direction by dragging the handle or by double-clicking the dimension and entering a new dimension in the box.
5. To reverse the direction of the offset, click or right-click and choose Flip Side from the shortcut menu.
6. Click the Options tab.
7. Select a fit type from the box.
8. To exclude or approximate one or more surfaces in a Normal to Surface feature, select them in the Special Handling collector and specify their handling.
9. To create the offset surface with side quilts, select the Create side surface check box.
10. To merge approximate offset surfaces with adjacent standard offset surfaces, select the Attach approximate offset surfaces check box.
11. Click .