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To Copy Layout Entities into a Part
1. In an open part, click Model > Get Data > Layout Feature. The Open dialog opens.
2. Select a CEM file and click Open. The Layout Feature tab opens.
3. In the graphics window, select the initial placement for the layout.
4. To display the layout in a separate window, click , or to display the component in the graphics window, click . Both options can be active at the same time.
5. Use the dragger to position the layout, or to disable the dragger, click .
6. To place the layout parametrically, click the Placement tab, and set constraints for the layout placement.
a. Select a constraint type from the Constraint Type list.
b. Select a reference for the constraint set in the layout, and then select a reference in the part.
c. To add a new constraint to the set, click New Constraint.
d. To add a new constraint set, click New Set.
7. To select content to copy from the source layout, click the References tab. Use any or all of the following collectors:
Click the Entities collector, and select curves and chain sets. If needed, click Details to open the Chain dialog box.
Click the Tags, Nodes and Sublayouts collector, and select tags, nodes, and sublayouts.
Click the Datums collector, and select datums.
8. To set how the layout feature will be updated if the source layout file is changed, select an option on the Options tab:
Automatic Update—Updates the layout feature automatically when the source layout is modified and in session.
Manual Update—Requires a manual update. To request notification of changes to the source file, select the Provide Notification check box.
No Dependency—Breaks the dependency of the layout feature on the source layout. The layout feature does not update when the source layout is modified.
9. Click .