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Approximate Offset Surfaces
In a standard offset feature, some types of surfaces cannot be offset precisely, such as high curvature surfaces, intersecting surfaces, or when the offset value exceeds the surface's original radius. In these cases, you can create approximate offset surfaces using the Special Handling collector on the Options tab to select surfaces that you want to approximate. When you create a Normal to Surface feature, you can designate the following sets of surfaces for approximate offset:
Surface patches that cannot be offset.
Surface patches that can be offset.
Sets of adjacent surface patches, of which one or more, but not all, can be offset.
Offset surfaces are created as follows:
Surface Patch Set
Approximate Offset Created
Sets of adjacent surfaces
One surface patch
Sets of surfaces that share only a vertex
One surface patch for each surface in the set
The surfaces are oriented automatically to fill the gaps between the offset surfaces. You can add or remove surfaces to the Special Handling collector when redefining the feature.