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About the Wrap User Interface
The Wrap tab consists of commands, tabs, and shortcut menus. Click Model > Editing > Wrap to open the Wrap tab.
collector—Displays the geometry to wrap the curve around.
—Sets the origin of the wrap.
—Reverses the direction of the wrap.
Sketch collector—Selects a sketch to wrap.
Define button—Opens the Sketch dialog box to create a sketch.
Edit button—Opens the internal sketch displayed in the Sketch collector to edit. Available only if you first break (unlink) the association between the feature and the external sketch. You can also use Edit Internal Sketch from the shortcut menu.
Unlink button—Breaks the association between the Wrap feature and the sketch displayed in the Sketch collector, and creates an internal sketch using a copy of the sketch you unlink.
Destination collector—Selects destination geometry to wrap a sketch around.
* This tab might not be available when you redefine features created in earlier versions of Pro/ENGINEER.
Ignore intersection surface check box—Places a disconnected sketch onto a multi-contour surface, while preventing the sketch from wrapping onto intersecting surfaces if possible.
* Each disconnected part of the sketch must drop entirely onto a contour of the destination surface. If a part of the sketch crosses a contour edge, that sketch part will wrap onto the intersecting surface instead of following the selected surface and wrapping onto the next contour, as illustrated in Using the Options Tab.
Trim at boundary check box—Trims at the surface boundary the portion of a curve that cannot be wrapped.
Name box—Sets a name for a feature.
—Displays detailed component information in a browser.
Shortcut Menus
Right-click the graphics window to access shortcut menu commands.
Select Sketch—Activates the Sketch collector to select the sketch to wrap.
Select Destination—Activates the Destination collector to select the geometry on which to wrap.
Define Internal Sketch—Opens the Sketcher to create a sketch.
Edit Internal Sketch—Opens the internal sketch for editing.
Clear—Clears the active collector.
Center—Specifies the center of the sketch as the origin. Center is the default origin if a sketch contains no coordinate systems.
Sketcher CSYS—If a sketch contains coordinate systems, displays a list of Sketcher coordinate systems.
Flip—Reverses the direction of the wrap.