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About the Wrap Feature
Use the Wrap tool to drop a sketch onto geometry and then wrap the sketch around geometry to create a formed datum curve. You can then use the formed curve to create items such as labels or screw threads. The formed datum curve preserves the length of the original sketch when possible.
The geometry that you wrap the sketch around must be made of developable surfaces. A developable surface is a surface that can be flattened onto a plane without distortion.
The system automatically selects the first available destination geometry to drop the sketch onto, but you can select different geometry.
A wrapped sketch can cross an edge between two surfaces if the edge is a straight line.
Origin of Wrapped Datum Curve
The origin of a wrapped datum curve is the reference point around which the sketch wraps onto geometry. This point must be able to be projected onto the destination. Otherwise, the Wrap feature fails. You can select either the geometric center of the sketch or any coordinate system in the sketch as the origin.
When you select the origin, one of the following symbols is displayed at the selected origin:
Yellow arrow—Indicates that the Wrap feature can be created only in one direction.
Handle—Indicates that the Wrap feature can be created in either the selected direction or in the opposite direction.