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About the Offset Feature
Use the Offset tool to create a new feature by offsetting either a surface or a curve with a constant or variable distance. You can then use offset surfaces to build up geometry or to create patterned geometry, or you can use offset curves to build up a set of curves that you can then use to build a surface. Various options are available from within the Offset tool, such as adding drafts to offset surfaces and offsetting curves within a surface.
You can create the following types of Offset features using the Offset tool:
Standard—Offsets a single quilt, surface, or solid face.
With Draft—Offsets the region of the quilt or surface that is included inside a sketch, and drafts the side surfaces. You can also create straight or tangent side surface profiles with this option.
Expand—Creates a continuous volume between the selected faces of a closed quilt or solid sketch or, when using the Sketched region option, of an open quilt or solid surface.
Replace—Replaces a solid face with a quilt or datum plane.
Curve—Offsets a curve or the one-sided edge of a surface in a specified direction.
The Expand, With Draft, and Replace options work by adjusting existing geometry. The system does not check for overlapping geometry between the adjusted geometry and the rest of the part geometry. If you adjust the existing geometry in such a way that it intersects geometry other than that adjusted by the feature, the result might be undesirable. For better results it is recommended to use the Flexible Modeling Extension tools.