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About the Collapse Feature
You can collapse several features into one single Incremental Geometry feature, one Independent Geometry feature, or one Import feature.
When you select features to collapse, if needed, the system automatically selects any other features that must be included in the collapse. Examples of features the system selects are surfaces of the same quilt, or pattern members that were not selected. This expanded selection could include features that are located before or after the selected features in the Model Tree. You can either collapse all the features that contribute to the geometric entities that you select to collapse, or any range of features in sequence in the Model Tree that are part of a quilt or solid that you select plus any datum features.
The type of feature that is created as a result of the collapse depends on the following variables:
Whether the selected features are consecutive in the Model Tree
Feature type of the first selected feature
Whether the expanded selection modifies the geometry of features before the first feature you selected in the Model Tree
If a failed Incremental Geometry feature is created, you can redefine the feature as unattached and continue to work on the feature in Creo.