Creo Flexible Modeling > Editing Chamfer Geometry > To Edit Chamfer Geometry
To Edit Chamfer Geometry
1. Select the chamfer geometry to modify and click Flexible Modeling > Edit Chamfer. The Edit Chamfer tab opens.
2. To remove the chamfer geometry, select the Remove chamfer check box.
3. To change the chamfer dimensioning scheme, select the scheme from the list.
4. To change the value for a distance, angle, or offset distance, drag the handles, or double-click the value, type a new number, and press ENTER.
5. On the Options tab, use any of the following options:
To attach the chamfer geometry to the underling surface, select the Attach chamfer geometry check box.
* When the Attach chamfer geometry check box is not selected, the resulting geometry is a quilt. The appearance of the original solid surfaces is propagated to both sides of the resulting quilt.
To create surfaces at the ends where the chamfer overlaps other geometry, select the Create end surfaces check box. This option is available when Attach chamfer geometry is not selected.
To remove rounds and chamfers that interfere with the edited chamfer geometry, select the Remove interfering rounds and chamfers check box.
To propagate the edit chamfer feature to all instances such that the pattern, mirror, or symmetry is maintained, click the Pattern/Symmetry/Mirror feature box and select the pattern, mirror, pattern recognition, or symmetry recognition feature.
6. Click .