Feature Recognition Tool > To Create Extrude Features from Imported Geometry
To Create Extrude Features from Imported Geometry
1. Open an imported Boundary Representation solid part containing extrude geometries in Creo Parametric.
2. Click Model > Get Data > Feature Recognition > search extrude.
3. To detect extrude features, select one of the following reference types:
Seed surface—Creates all extrusions (both pockets and protrusions) that are placed on the selected seed surface. Geometries that match extrude features are detected and removed. Replacement features are created.
* Extrude features that penetrate the outer boundary of the seed surface are not recognized. Use search slots for these feature types instead.
Seed edge—Creates a single extrude feature by selecting a seed edge on the boundary of the extrusion. The selected edge must be a shared edge between the seed surface and the extrude feature.