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About Trail and Training Files
Trail Files
A trail file is a record of all menu choices, dialog-box choices, selections, and keyboard entries for a particular working session. Trail files allow you to view the record of activity so that you can reconstruct a previous working session or recover from an abrupt termination of a session. Trail files are editable text (.txt) files.
When you run a trail file, the system replays the selections in the exact order in which they were originally made.
* Before running a trail file, you must rename it. You cannot rename a trail file within Creo Parametric.
Training Files
Training files are customized trail files that can be used to help train Creo Parametric users. Unlike trail files, training files contain directives that provide the user with additional information to help guide them through sample exercises or operations in Creo Parametric. These directives can include pauses and textual comments that are displayed in an INFORMATION WINDOW. Training files use the extension .txa. You can train yourself to use Creo Parametric by creating training files. A training file is a trail file that contains information that guides you through a sample exercise or operation in Creo Parametric. When you run a training file, the comments that you inserted are displayed in an INFORMATION WINDOW.
Trainer Text Files
The trainer text file contains the text that is displayed while you use the training file. Each training file can reference a single trainer text file. The training text file contains text blocks that are displayed in a text window during execution of a training file. The text blocks are used to describe what is happening in the system. They also provide clues for performing an operation and present data that may not appear graphically.
The trainer text file is divided in sections. The format for each section is as follows:
#begin number
In the trainer text file format, text is the text to be displayed on the screen at a particular point in the training file.