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Drawing Tree
Background Ordinate Dimension, Draft Ordinate Dimension, Ordinate Dimension, Ordinate Driven Dimension
Background Ordinate Reference Dimension, Draft Ordinate Reference Dimension, Ordinate Reference Dimension
Balloon Note
Draft Datum Axis
Set Datum Axis, Set Datum Plane
Datum Plane
Datum Target
Dimension, Driven dimension, Driven Draft Dimension, Driven Model Dimension
Draft Construction Circle
Draft Construction Line
Draft Entity Arc, Draft Entity Arc
Draft Entity Chamfer
Draft Entity Circle
Draft Entity Ellipse
Draft Entity Fillet
Draft Entity Line
Draft Entity Point
Draft Entity Spline
Draft Gtol (Draft Geometric Tolerance)
Draft Object
Model Xhatch
Drawing Table
Drawing Table Segment
Driving Dimension, Driving Model Dimension
Graph View
Note, 3D Note
Overlay Sheet
Overlay View
Reference Dimension on Background, Draft Reference Dimension, Model Reference Dimension, Reference Dimension
Snap Lines
Surface Finish
Symbol, Symbol Instance