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Annotation Elements
ANCPP (Associative NC Process Planner)
Background Ordinate Dimension, Draft Ordinate Dimension, Ordinate Dimension, Ordinate Driven Dimension
Background Ordinate Reference Dimension, Draft Ordinate Reference Dimension, Ordinate Reference Dimension, Ordinate Reference Dimension
Baseline Annotation Element, Ordinate Base Dimension, Draft Ordinate Base Dimension, Model Ordinate Base Dimension
Datum Target, Datum Target Annotation Element
Dimension, Driven Dimension, Driven Draft Dimension, Driven Model Dimension
Driving Dimension, Driving Model Dimension
Locked ANCPP
Locked Baseline Annotation Element
Locked Datum Target Annotation Element
Locked Driven Dimension
Locked Driving Dimension
Locked Non-Graphical Annotation Element
Locked Ordinate Driven Dimension
Locked Ordinate Reference Dimension
Non-Graphical Annotation Element
Read Only Annotation Element