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Model Tree Icons (G-M)
Geometric Representation
Graphics Representation
Harness Part
Helical Sweep
Incomplete Cable
Incomplete Ribbon Cable
Incomplete Wire
Inherited Component
Insert Indicator
Intent Axis
Intent CSYS
Intent Curve Chain
Intent Edge Chain
Intent Plane
Intent Point
Intent Surfaces
Intent Axis, Frozen Child Intent Axis
Intent Chain, Frozen Child Intent Chain
Intent CSYS, Frozen child Intent CSYS
Intent Curve, Frozen Child Intent Curve
Intent Plane, Frozen Child Intent Plane
Intent Point, Frozen Child Intent Point
Intent Surface, Frozen Child Intent Surface
Internal Sketch
Light Weight Hole
Light Weld Angle Cut
Light Weld Edge Prep
Light Weld Root Opening
Locked Geometric Tolerance
Locked Reference Dimension
Locked Set Datum Tag
Locked Surface Finish
Locked Symbol
Marker Cosmetic Cable, Frozen Marker Cosmetic Cable
Master Representation
Material Removal
Merge Feature
Manufacturing Geometry
Mill Window
Mirror Surface Model
Missing Data
Modified ATB-enabled Import
Modified ATB-enabled Blend
Modified ATB-enabled Bulk Part
Modified ATB-enabled Datum Curve
Mold Component
Mold Extract
Mold Reference Part
Mold Volume
Move Surface Model
Multiple Location