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To Modify Hatch Spacing
1. Click . A box appears next to .
2. Type Hatch Editor in the box. The Hatch Editor dialog box opens.
* The Hatch Editor is not included in the ribbon by default. You can add the command to the ribbon or Quick Access toolbar using the Creo Parametric Options dialog box. For details refer to the topics To Customize the Ribbon using the PTC Creo Parametric Options Dialog Box for a Mode and To Customize the Quick Access Toolbar for a Mode.
3. Click in the Hatch Editor dialog box and browse to the pattern (.xch file) that you want to edit. The selected pattern is displayed in the Hatch Editor dialog box.
4. Use or to select the line that you want to edit.
5. In Spacing specify the spacing between lines and press ENTER. The change in hatch spacing is applied to an individual pattern line
6. Click to save the updated pattern to the .xch file.