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About Library Elements
You can select standard elements from the Creo Advanced Framework library for use in all projects.
1. To access an element from a library, click Framework and then click New Profile, New Connector Element, or New Equipment Element and then click in the dialog box. The Select From Library dialog box opens.
* If you click New Connector Element, or New Equipment Element, and you are using these commands in your session for the first time, the Select From Library dialog box opens immediately.
2. Browse to and select an element from the folder tree or click the folder preview.
3. Click the element preview. The Select From Library dialog box closes and the selected element is active until you select another one. If multiple element definitions exist, the Element Definition dialog box opens to define the required standard, type, and size.
4. The current active element type appears in the preview area of the dialog box. The path and section type appear in the Select Type area. An element definition dialog box opens or you are prompted to select references.
5. Select references as required.
* Clicking Cancel closes the dialog box and cancels the definition process.