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Change a workplane's geometric resolution
You can set a more accurate geometric resolution (up to 1.0E-6 mm) for existing workplanes. You need to be aware that changing the resolution of an existing workplane containing 2D geometry could cause problems when using other functions (such as Extrude, where an error message indicating that "open profiles are not allowed" might occur).
In cases where 2D geometry edges touch or intersect at a vertex there may be a conflict in changing the resolution and maintaining this join. If this is the case, users will receive a warning message that "at least one vertex was split." Depending on how the elements were intersected, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling may be able to automatically re-intersect the joining elements. In the case where a warning is displayed and additional vertices are generated, the user should zoom in to look closely at the geometry elements and manually close the gap, if desired.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling tries to correct conflicts between edges at one vertex when two edges are:
made with real geometry,
made with construction geometry,
one real edge and one construction edge, or
a combination of two real and two construction edges.
Users may need to make some changes themselves when conflicts cannot be solved by Creo Elements/Direct Modeling. When changing the geometric resolution, these edges may no longer meet at one vertex. The system inserts new vertices and the user can manually fix these open gaps if necessary.
To change a workplane's geometric resolution,
1. Click Structure and then, in the Workplane group, click More.
2. Click Workplane under Properties.
3. Select the workplane whose geometric resolution you want to change. The WP Properties dialog box opens.
4. Click the Geo Resol pane.
5. Select a value from the Resolution field, or type in any value between 1.0E-1 to 1.0E-6. The coarsest recommended value is 1.0E-2 mm.
6. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling will ask for confirmation of the change. Click Yes. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays an output window telling you what has changed, for example, the resolution of workplane w1 is now 0.001.
7. If you would like to set the new resolution as the default, click Set to Default.