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Gather faces
The Gather function provides a method to create face parts. After specifying the unique name of the face part, you can select the faces of a solid to be gathered into a face part. You can select a single face or a group of faces.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling creates a copy of each gathered face, and if the faces are connected Creo Elements/Direct Modeling adds the copy to the specified face part. If the faces are not connected they form a face part of their own.
If a face part forms a closed shell, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling converts the face part into a solid part.
To gather a face from a part,
1. Click 3D Geometry and then, in the 3D Surface Tools group, click Gather Faces. The Gather Faces dialog box opens.
2. Specify the new or existing part.
3. Click Faces and press F2 to open the Select dialog box.
4. Click Start in the Select dialog box.
5. Identify the faces you want to keep.
6. Click End in the Select dialog box.
7. Turn Split Part off if you do not want to split the part. Split Part off will gather unconnected faces into one face part.
8. Click to complete the operation.
To remove the original solid model, use the Delete 3D tool.