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Change 3D Curve or Surfacing settings
These options control the appearance and layout of the viewports displayed in multiview mode, the local coordinate system options, and feedback options for operations found in the 3D Curve and Surfacing menus.
To change the 3D Curve and Surfacing settings,
1. Click File > Settings > Modeling. The Modeling Settings dialog box opens.
2. Click the Curve or Surfacing pane and set the following default values in:
Set the following Coordinate System settings. These settings only affect the local coordinate system when you perform tasks from the 3D Curve and Surfacing menus:
Display: Show the local coordinate axes while creating 3D curves. This option is available if you have loaded 3D curve dialogs from versions prior to CoCreate Modeling 2005.
Follow: The Point 3D CoPilot follows the 3D curve as it is created.
Set the following Feedback settings:
Curvature Feedback: Display curvature analysis feedback when you create or modify 2D or 3D curves.
Choose Point Color, Tangent Color, and other default colors on Curve and Surfacing panes.
3. Close the dialog when you are finished. Changes are applied as you change settings.