Save and load files > Configure project folders
Configure project folders
You can configure a list of folders and quickly choose them when you save and load files. To display the project folders or directories when you load or save files, right-click the Look in or the Save in field.
The first section of the list includes three entries which are permanent:
Parent: Go one level up in the directory tree.
HOME: Go to your HOME directory. This is your personal profile folder.
Last: Go to the directory which was current before this directory.
The second section contains project directories that you have defined. These directories can be added, modified, and deleted, and can be set up through a corporate or site customization.
To edit the list of project directories,
1. Click File > Save.
2. Right-click in the Savein field at the top of the dialog.
3. Click Edit.
4. Double-click any entry in the Edit Project Directories dialog to change its name.
a. The Name column contains a friendly name that is displayed in the right-click list.
b. The Directory column contains the full path and directory name. You will get an error message if you change this to a directory that does not exist.
If your company has customized Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, a file named all_filer_project.dirs may exist in your corp or site customization directory. Directories you add to the list are stored in your personal settings folder.
A XXXX_filer_project_dirs file can contain any number of the following project directory specifications:
"/tmp" ;; Physical directory and display name (nickname) are identical
("/home/joe_engineer") ;; same as before (physical = display)
("Package Files" "/home/joe_engineer/SolidDesigner/pkg_files")
;; in this case the physical directory name is hidden from the user
;; and the UI will only display its "nickname"