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Modify a pattern of features or parts
You can modify patterns to adjust properties such as the direction of a linear pattern, the pattern's starting point, the Source object, and more.
Patterns are displayed in the Structure Browser under their owners. You can rename, modify, and delete patterns directly in the Structure Browser.
While modifying a pattern, you can change the source reference elements of the pattern (in the viewport). If you want to modify the selections, you can deselect some reference elements or add new reference elements. You do not have to reselect all elements again to modify the pattern.
To change a single feature in a pattern, change its dimensions or center point with Creo Elements/Direct Machining, Creo Elements/Direct Mold Base, or face set feature commands. These changes can be propagated to the pattern or they can affect only one member of the pattern. See Patterns for more information.
To change a pattern of features,
1. Click Feature and then, in the Pattern group, click Modify.
2. Select a pattern in the Structure Browser or the viewport. The Modify Pattern dialog box opens.
To open the Modify Pattern dialog box, you can select the pattern in the viewport and click on the Command Mini Toolbar (CMT).
3. To change the Source element, select it in the viewport or Structure Browser.
4. Type a new Name.
5. You can only change the Pattern Type between linear and linear grid, or radial and radial grid. You can change the following options:
Direction: The direction for a linear row of features. Select a reference edge or line in the viewport to set the direction. To reverse the direction, hover over an edge or line and press Tab.
Axis: The center and direction of the radial pattern. Select a point in the viewport.
Number: The number of elements in the pattern or in the direction. Enter a value in the dialog.
Distance: The distance between each element in the pattern. Enter a value or use the arrow in the viewport to drag the elements into position.
Total Distance: The total distance between the first and last element. Enter a value in the dialog.
Angle: The angle between each element in a radial pattern. Enter an angle in the dialog.
Total Angle: The total angle of a radial pattern. The default is 360, but you can enter any angle value. The elements in the pattern are distributed evenly around this arc.
Radius: The size of a radial pattern. Enter a value or use the arrow in the viewport to drag the elements into position.
6. To modify a Free pattern,
a. Click Add and position a new element.
b. Click Pos Dyn if you want more positioning options.
c. Click Apply to finish adding the element.
d. Repeat until you have the desired pattern.
e. Click Modify to move an element or Delete to remove an element. Select the element in the viewport.
7. If you want the pattern to start at a position different from the current position of the Source, click Start Pos and select a spot on the part in the viewport.
8. Use the following Pattern Options as required:
Exclude: Excludes or includes the selected elements when the pattern is modified.
To include an element, select it again in the viewport.
To include all elements, clear Exclude in the Create Pattern dialog box.
Reset: Removes the offset from the selected elements and sets them to the original pattern position. If a pattern has multiple offset elements, clear Reset to remove the offset from all the elements of the pattern.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling activates the Propagate Offset section in the Modify Pattern dialog box only if at least one element in the pattern has an offset.
9. Select the following options in the Propagate Offset section:
Mode: Select one of the following modes:
All: Offsets all the elements of the pattern. The offset in the selected element is propagated to all other elements.
Same Source: Offsets only those elements that have the same source feature or part as the selected element.
Shared only: Offsets only those elements that are shared with the selected element. Unshared (isolated) elements are not offset.
Align Group: Aligns all the elements of the same pattern group with the selected element. See Patterns.
Follow: Select the element that the pattern elements should follow.
If an element that follows the selected element already has an offset, the offset of the selected element is applied in addition to the existing offset.
10. Click to complete the operation.
You cannot modify a pattern if one of its elements is in an invalid state. Invalid elements are displayed in red in the Structure Browser. To revalidate the invalid element(s), use the Modify command in the Creo Elements/Direct Machining or Creo Elements/Direct Mold Design menu.
If you modify the adjacent geometry of an element within the pattern, you may not be able to modify the pattern.
If the list of source elements changes, the pattern is deleted and recreated.
You cannot use a reference object to modify multiple patterns.