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Axis 3D CoPilot
An axis is defined by a point and a direction. When the Axis 3D CoPilot is active, the cursor changes shape.
Follow the directions in the Prompt Bar to use the Axis 3D CoPilot.
1. Hover the cursor over an edge (straight or circular) or a face (planar or axial).
Immediate feedback for the axis that is most likely to be used is provided. For example, if the mouse is on a circular edge or a cylindrical face, the rotation axis of this element is displayed.
Use the TAB key to reverse the axis direction and to switch to an edge tangent or face normal direction at the current cursor position.
2. Click to accept this axis.
This behavior is similar to the Direction 3D CoPilot.
Right-click to access the context menu:
Apply - Apply the axis displayed by the feedback arrow.
Apply Reverse - Apply the reverse axis. Use this menu option or press the Tab key to reverse the axis.
Point and Dir - Define an axis by picking a point and a direction via the Direction 3D CoPilot. Use this method when the axis should go through a point where no direction can be determined directly.
Two Points - Define an axis by picking two points.
XYZ System: Select one of the global coordinate system axes, including the reverse ones.
WP System: Select one axis of the reference workplane. By default the current workplane is the reference workplane. Select another reference workplane with the menu item Ref WP.