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3D CoPilot features
Dynamic drag feedback
When moving an object, relative distances from the object's starting point appear in the 3D CoPilot cursor text window. 3D CoPilot employs the user's measurement units. To change the position or look of the 3D CoPilot window, use the 3D CoPilot Settings menu.
Auto-precision dragging and object snapping
Objects dragged or modified with 3D CoPilot automatically snap to an invisible grid. To change the precision of the drag, use the 3D CoPilot Settings menu.
Dragged objects automatically snap to existing 3D elements including faces, edges, and vertices. Users can temporarily suspend object snapping while dragging by pressing and holding the SHIFT key while dragging the object. Release the SHIFT key to resume normal 3D CoPilot functions. When snapping one object to a second object, use the left and right ARROW keys to snap to a specific face target.