Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Fly-by highlighting
Fly-by highlighting
Now, to make selection easy, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation highlights elements as the cursor passes over them. The highlighted elements depend on the select focus (you can change the focus on the Status Bar just below the viewport) or the active command:
Select focus or mode
Flyby highlights
No active command
Select mode = All
All geometry elements, dimensions, and views (but you must pass over the border of a view to highlight the view's boundary box).
The dimension is highlighted.
No active command
Select mode = Dimensions
As above
No active command
Select mode = View
The view's boundary box when the cursor passes over any element in the view.
Active command
Select focus = Select
Highlight color = orange
Elements valid for the active command. For example, if you are creating a radius dimension, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation will highlight circular elements.
The arc on the right is highlighted.
Active command
Select focus = Handle
Highlight color = magenta
Elements that can have handles. Creo Elements/Direct Annotation will highlight a dimension in magenta; click it and a handle appears.
Highlighted dim.
Click displays handle.
Active command
Select focus = Drag
Highlight color = yellow
Elements that can be moved, such as text. In this example, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation highlights a text block.
The text is highlighted.