Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation tools > Redraw Options
Redraw Options
Use the Redraw settings to optimize redraw time by specifying what elements are to be included in a dynamic redraw operation.
To display the Redraw settings menu in the Default Settings table: Click File > Settings > Viewport.
The following options are available:
Parts as Box: Parts, assemblies, sketches and other elements that are in the current viewport and are smaller than a given amount of pixels, are drawn as a box only. To see the included geometry, simply zoom-in on those boxed parts. Use Box Size to specify the number of pixels and Box Color to specify the color of representative box.
Smooth Window Update: This provides more visual guidance when zooming into a selected area or when defining the window view. The time duration for window update is ranged from 30ms to 3000ms. Smart zoom for files with greater size or number takes a longer time to zoom than the specified time.
Dynamic Redraw: Use this group of check boxes to suppress elements types such as dimensions, text, and hatches during dynamic zooming or panning operations.
Elements smaller than 200 pixels are represented by blue boxes.